This video is a tutorial on how to use the 2017-18 College Clinic Academic Calendar. 




This is a different type of college guide. 10 Things You Need to Complete Your College Application is my personal journey during that important phase when every student prepares themselves for graduation and life after high school. One day I woke up with senioritis with no motivation to go to class, turn in my homework, and I failed Math and English. I had a 1.99 GPA and I think my counselor rounded the number up to a 2.0 just so I could graduate with my class. I carried my senioritis to college, and barely received my Bachelor degree. But, I did not allow bad grades to determine my future. Inspired to succeed, I created a plan, followed my action steps, and went back to graduate school earning two Master degrees with Honors in 18 months!‚Äč

College Clinic's

2017-18 Academic Calendar

The Class of 2018 planner is designed to guide students and their parents through the college application process, manage important deadlines, and track monthly progress of academic achievement. There lots of college-bound resources and a Monthly Dashboard included in the calendar to plan a successful senior year. 

10 Things Workbook

10 Things you need to complete your

college application

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