The most effective and efficient way to give to College Clinic is through financial support, and the fastest way to do that is online.  Your financial gifts to College Clinic provides students and parents with a wide range of college-bound resources — everything goal setting, time management, and planning for academic success. Your support provides workshops led by college professionals, standardized test referrals, essay reviews & feedback, scholarships, application fee waivers, and just about anything a student and parent needs to complete the college application process. Check the Courses and Schools & Community pages to learn more how your gifts will impact lives.

Seeking highly-energetic team members to work with our students and parents in the classroom and community.

Must enjoy smiling and making new friends!

This is a perfect opportunity for recent high school graduates, college students, and young career professionals.




College Clinic was created by Cleveland-native Brandi Rae Hicks. As the Executive Director of her nonprofit, Rae of Light Foundation - she created College Clinic for her hometown that her father, Randolph Hicks, Sr. served as principal and administrator.  Mr. Hicks is a 47-year retired Cleveland Metropolitan School District principal and is still highly regarded as a vanguard educator and mentor to more than 100,000 students, parents, and colleagues during the tenure of his career.

​“Growing up my dad was my biggest hero. Still is. I wanted to honor the legacy left by my father by helping students achieve their educational and career dreams and continue a tradition of giving back to the youth of Cleveland,” stated Brandi Rae Hicks. “Through College Clinic, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District high schools that will be selected are the schools where my father was a principal. Each student will have the unique opportunity to be paired with college-bound professionals to help seniors complete the Common Application, review their transcript, and ask questions about college resources that have long been needed to increase high school graduation rates and post-secondary enrollment.”

​College Clinic was piloted in Atlanta, Georgia and has served more than 10,000 students since 2004.  It is the first and newest project of its kind in Cleveland, Ohio. “When students and schools are strong, strategic and sustainable, they become a catalyst for a legion of empowered leaders from Cleveland that will leave their intellectual footprint throughout the world. College Clinic Cleveland is now an integral part of the community, and we’re excited to work with our school and community partners as we continue to work in the high schools to prepare our students for success,” said Ms. Hicks.

​Speaking on the father-daughter duo, Randolph Hicks, Sr. simply says, “Our teachers, counselors, and advisors welcome more hands-on-deck in helping seniors transition into the next phase in their lives. I’m proud of my daughter coming home to help our next generation of students that want to achieve their greatest educational and career heights. We look forward in partnering and servicing our beloved Cleveland community.”

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