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College Clinic

Who We Are

College Clinic provides college planning services by mobilizing high school counselors, college representatives, financial advisors, and career advisors to help graduating seniors navigate through the college application and decision process.


Students are provided with college counseling, time management techniques, and have access to other resources to get students prepared for their lives after graduation.


College Clinic has three signature programs:

  1. Classroom Courses

  2. Community Courses

  3. eCampus Courses

College Clinic provides a "cure" for senioritis helping high school students, especially 12th graders who are pushing through their last year of school and get preparing for the responsibilities of becoming a college freshman.


Our course facilitators and volunteers work with the student as they complete the college application, giving the student the opportunity to get immediate feedback from college-bound professionals.

We believe all students can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

College Clinic transitions students and parents into college and beyond through financial literacy, academic preparedness, and basic life skills.


We have provided educational and college preparatory workshops to more than 10,000 middle and high school families.


Our program objectives provide college access to all ranges of students from top scholars and those needing extra encouragement to continue their education after high school.

Our Mission

Our Curriculum

All programs use our customized curriculum, called the “10 Things You Need to Complete Your College Application” (10 Things).


Our 10-step guide to help students planning for their futures to include the college and career application process.


Student enrolled in the 10 Things workshops receive access to their College Toolkit including documents such as the “10 Things” curriculum, high school transcript, college applications, fee waiver form, and other digital college resources.

10 Things Curriculum

1) Official High School Transcript

2) Standardized Tests & State Graduation Requirements

3) College Tuition, Application Fees, and Deposits

4) High School Counselor and School Evaluations

5) Letters of Recommendation

6) Student Autobiography

7) The College Essay

8) Community Service Requirements

9) Financial Aid & Scholarship Documents

10) College Application Submission Process


CEO = College Encouragement Officer

"College Clinic programs and services was created for YOU from my own experiences of a struggling student to a global college coach & teacher."


I want to share with you some valuable information with a simple breakdown of 10 easy steps to the college application process that every student and parent needs to know as they to prepare for their first college experience. I am here to remind you that despite all obstacles – College IS for YOU!

Brandi Rae Hicks, MBA, MPA, Doctoral Candidate

Help us transition students into college and beyond

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