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Our eCourses are perfect for:

  • Livestream Learners

  • Supporting counselors with college resources​

  • Seniors - Accountability groups to support your college application journey

  • Juniors - Preparing the mindset of college and career choices

  • 8th - 10th Graders - Introducing students to the conversation of college

Technology on our eCampus


The College Clinic eCampus is hosted by Teachable. Teachable is a free mobile application for student and parents to have direct, 24-hour access to course materials, video tutorials, downloadable templates, and college resources.


eCourses Listing 

  • $1,000 College Scholarship Essay Outline

  • 10 Things You Need to Complete the FAFSA

  • 10 Things You Need to Complete Your College Application eWorkbook

  • 10 Tips You Need to Find Scholarship Funds

  • Choosing the Right College - 10 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right College

  • College Clinic Celebrates!

  • Common Application Conversation - The 9 Sections of the Common Application

  • Common Application Essay Prompts

  • Community Service for High School Students - Volunteering in your Community 

  • National College Application Month - How to Prepare for the College Application Process

  • Overall Tips to Raise Your ACT Scores

  • Time Management Tips for High School Students

  • Did You Know the Cost of College Is Negotiable?

  • Mid-Year Check-In

  • Student Graduation Package

  • What's the Difference Between Early Action and Early Decision?

eCourse Materials

Here's What's included in your eCourse Materials:

Access to the “10 Things You Need to Complete Your College

Application" video series and digital Toolbox

Immediate access to the “10 Things You Need to Complete Your College

Application introductory video and 10-course bundle package. These videos also gives students and parents answers on to how to start goal-setting and planning, building a solid foundation as a lifelong learner.

Ready-to-use templates for each course

Ready-to-use templates are available for download with each course, helping you deepen your mastery of the content and begin to apply the lessons to your academic and goal-setting plans.

Members Only Access to Shared Drive

We offer a personalized online drive to help students and parents get organized and stay on top of deadlines & personal goals.

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